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Gnome secrets

July 31, 2008 by Oğuz Yarımtepe

I have been working under Gnome for nearly 1 month. I had used Gnome during my Debian days. Then i had changed to Kubuntu and till now i was happily using Kde.

Yesterday i realised a hidden property of Gnome that is enabling /apps/gnome-power-manager/ui/cpufreq_show at the gconf-editor. With this enable feature you will be able to choose computer speed policy at the gnome power manager. Or if you add CPU Frequency Scaling Monitor applet to your tray then you will see it is possible to choose some schemes like Powersave or Performance that are already come with kde power manager by default.

Although i still find the Gnome environment away from being user friendly i encounter many forks or applications that are derived from it, like maemo which is taking my considerating now a days a lot becaues of my search for a device that will make the time more bearable on the way to the job at the morning and also return from it at the evening.

There are some cases we all encounter that we need to run a device under Linux. Yesterday i tried to connect to Internet via using AW-GE703H PCI-E Half Mini Wireless Card. The problem was it was not detected at my Hardy when i run lspci. So after making some search i felt like installing a driver for it may help to see a lspci output. I tried first the windows driver. Using ndiswrapper and installing the driver didnt helped taking ip from it. It was possible to see it at the ifconfig output but not possible to assign ip to it. Thne tried a Linux driver that is written for the same chipset. It worked. The thing is although i was able to see the card at ifconfig and assign ip to it i was still not able to see it at the lspci output. Still not sure about the reason of it.

I see people posting their KDE 4.0.1 screenshots to their blogs. Seems it is more stable than before. Should try it soon.

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