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November 28, 2008 by Oğuz Yarımtepe

Today i was trying to compile a driver under Infra-Linux distro. Infra-Linux can be usefull for the ones who are encounter with the commercial restriction of Ubuntu trademark policy. My firm is producing laptops and one of the customers asked Linux installed laptops. The trademark policy of Ubuntu doesn’t allow one firm to desitribute products with Ubuntu installed although you will not charge for it. ıt is possible to distribute Ubuntu installed things but this requires some legal agreements. This may have some advantages i am sure. But for the ones who don’t want to deal with such thing there are other solutions.  One of them is Infa-Linux. It is developed for to solve this restriction. Based on hardy and with some customizations. They didn’t change the Ubuntu distro a lot just some icon sets, splash screens and some more changes which will not effect using the Hardy repositories. After installing the distro indeed the Hardy repositories are enabled also. The thing is, installation is by default Russian :). For the ones who are looking for using Ubuntu at their commercial products but without restrictions, i can suggest them Infra-Linux.

I know there are other Ubuntu derivatives. You may want to share them also as a comment to this post.

The second thing is the compiling problem i encountered. “no rule to make target” error is a common error when we are using make command for source files. It may be because of some missing packages. The solution for that is installing module-assistant and then running “sudo m-a prepare” command from command line. I was still getting the same error. Then i found that it may be because of the space character at the directory names :). The source file is under a directory which has a space in its name at my system. So i moved it to another place. And voila. It worked.

And a little fun.

I have been watching Avatar for a while. I should say, i really liked it. I think there should be some Cartoon Meme thing also 🙂

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